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Thermo Kitty Cuddle Up Bed!

Getting older is no fun when it brings aching joints. On cold winter days a tender knee or elbow can be agony. Did you know that cats can suffer from many of the same aches and paints that we do? It's true. Cats can develop arthritis and sore joints due to injury, age, or genetic conditions. It is becoming increasingly recognized in senior cats.

It can be really hard to see our beloved pets feeling uncomfortable. There are treatments available but some of them, including medication, can be difficult to keep up on. (Cats DON'T like pills, even when they make them feel better.) I have found one way to help relieve joint pain in cats, and it's really easy and safe. Check out the Thermo Kitty Cuddle Up Bed.

Gentle, soothing heat makes joint movement easier by helping their body produce the natural lubrication that their joints need. This kind of heat is especially good for senior cats, who naturally tend to have less body fat and feel colder. A really good way to give your cat heat is by taking advantage of their natural desire to nap. A warm pad in their bed lets them soothe the pain away while they dream.

Even young cats love the gentle warmth. It takes less energy to nap when a little heat helps a cat maintain their body temperature.

One of my favorite and safest ways to administer heat therapy is with the handy Thermo Kitty Cuddle Up Bedfrom our friends at Pet Product Advisor. This bed is snuggly soft and contains a removable plush cover over a luxurious orthopedic foam base. Inside the bed is a heating pad designed to give your cat just the gentle heat they need the most. The heater is super efficient and costs as little as $.08 a month to run. That's 744 hours that your cat can spend in comfort thanks to the Thermo Kitty Cuddle Up Bed.
Could be useful for small dogs as well to maintain body heat in the winter.

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