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Stop bad habits without harm to your pet

Does your dog drive you crazy with frequent, unnecessary barking?
Dogs bark for many different reasons and sometimes it's a good thing, like when a stranger approaches your home. But sometimes he barks when he's alone and you're not there - which isn't a good thing.
Uncontrolled barking isn't just an annoyance for you; it can create a nuisance for your neighbors, too. If you've ever lain awake at night listening to a neighbor's dog barking, you know exactly how aggravating the situation can be.
Barking dogs create rifts with friends and neighbors and if you live in an apartment, a barking dog can get you evicted, too. In fact, inappropriate barking is one of the main reasons dogs end up abandoned at shelters.
Maybe you've considered one of those "shock" collars, but decided it wasn't a very humane way to treat the problem. I have to agree. Barking can be annoying but it seems cruel to "punish" your canine pal when he's only doing what dogs instinctively do.
Could there possibly be a kinder, gentler way to control and permanently stop problem barking?
Dr. Debra recently introduced me to an amazing solution that works like magic.
It's truly a "miracle in a can" for barking dogs. And it happens to also be Europe's top behavioral product for pets.
Here's what I really like about it... This solution addresses the problem with an all-natural behavioral approach using Mother Nature herself.
The Pet Corrector sends a powerful message to your dog to stop right now, without you saying a single word. The "hiss" of compressed air - sounding just like a threatening snake or angry goose - captures your pet's attention instantly and gives him the message that it's not okay to do what he's doing.
Here's what one veterinary technician had to say about the Pet Corrector:
"After using it for a few days, just the sight of the Pet Corrector can quiets my two dogs right down now. Citronella collars didn't work but the Pet Corrector did. I keep one in my home and one in my purse so that they do not wake up the neighborhood during late night walks. This is an amazing product and it's humane!" Marcia, Veterinary Technician
And it gets even better... The Pet Corrector not only stops inappropriate barking in an instant, but this powerful solution can help correct other problem behaviors, too!
Problems like chasing pets, stealing toys or food, jumping up on strangers... Now you can put an end to those annoying behaviors in just seconds with Pet Corrector. There's nothing to harm your pet, so it's a wonderfully humane way to help control barking and other problem behaviors.
A final thought to leave you with... Just like with all behavioral training, it's important to show your approval when your dog responds. Be sure to reinforce his new good behavior with lots of loving praise and his favorite treat.  

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