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Keeping your indoor cat at its happiest!

The following are some ideas and recommendations to help your indoor cat be its happiest!

1. Good litter, litter box, and litter box care – make sure you have an adequate number and size of litter boxes. You should have at least one box per cat PLUS one. They should be cleaned or scooped daily, litter changed monthly and boxes replaced twice a year. They should also be in a location where your cat feels safe using the box and away from high traffic areas and dogs. Good litter box hygiene is a must for cats! You should use the texture and type of litter that appeals to your cat.
2. Good quality food – indoor cats need good quality food to stay healthy. Choose the best quality food that you can afford. Make sure the label indicates that it is "AFFCO" approved which reflects that they company incorporated the minimal levels of nutrients that should be included in a commercial food.
3. Grow a little cat grass – most cats love cat grass. You can easily grow a small pot or planter and offer it periodically as a special treat.
4. Toys – cats love to play and making sure your cats have lots of toys that like helps to enrich their environment. Every cat has differences toy and play preferences. To learn more about your cats play preferences, click here. At a minimum, have some toys that roll, something with catnip and a toy on a string that can be moved to help stimulate your cat to pounce and play
5. Play time – cats should be given at least 10 minutes of attention each per day. This should include some playing time and some bonding time.
6. Scratching post – cats have a desire to scratch. Scratching allows them to sharpen their claws, get rid of dead claw pieces and mark territory. Even de-clawed cats like to go through the motions of scratching. You should make sure you have a good spot for your cat to scratch!
7. Refuge – All cats need a refuge or place to get away and feel safe. Most "refuges" are boxes, beds or cat carriers in a place off the beaten path of the busy household. It should be a place where your cat can get away, feel safe and rest peacefully. This is especially important in busy households, households with dogs or multiple cats. 
8. Visual stimulation – every cat should have the ability to look out the window and be simulated by the environment. A screened in porch is ideal but if that is not possible a nice window seat or window bed is a wonderful addition. Cats love to watch nature and other out-door activities. If possible, consider placing a bird feeder within view of the window.
9.Perch – cats love to climb and a perch is a wonderful spot for your cat to feel save, observe the environment and climb! Cat trees often have a nice perch and don't take up much room.
10.Love – cats love to be loved. Take time to let your kitty know you care.

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