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Cat's Get Bored!

Toilet paper all over the house, kitty kibble scattered on the kitchen floor, plants nibbled to shreds...the cat's at it AGAIN!
Some cats can be real demons when they're left home alone. It's not that they're bad cats; quite the contrary, in fact. Chances are if your cat turns into a terror while you're at work, they are actually bored to pieces. Cats are solitary and independent by nature (as any cat parent knows)... but what most of them don't know is that boredom is a common problem for indoor cats. Here's why:
Cats need activity when they are awake. While it's true that your cat sleeps most of the day, when your cat is awake he needs a way to work off all that pent-up energy. Many professionals compare a cat's daily life to a lion's - they both sleep most of the day, but when they are up, they are active and energetic.

Cats are predators. Cats have an instinctive need to hunt. When your cat plays he is practicing his hunting. And, without anything to hunt, your cat can become quite bored. They'll likely find a way to amuse themselves but chances are you won't like it.

Cats enjoy attention . Though they can't tell you they love you, many cats seem to really enjoy being the object of your affection. This is especially true if they are the only animal in the house. Boredom is understandable if your cat spends a lot of time home alone or if you are not able to give him the attention he wants.
To help fight boredom, set aside at least 10 minutes every day to play with your cat. Give your cat new toys on a regular basis and rotate out old toys (take them away for awhile and they will become "new" again when you bring them back out). These are easy ways to help keep your cat entertained.
If you're short on time but still want to help your cat get the healthy playtime they need, check out this new toy called Twitch. It bounces a tempting teaser toy that sparks a instinctual need to hunt. When cats see this toy swinging back and forth in front of them their predatory drive kicks in and they go crazy They will stalk, crouch and spring over and over, sometimes grabbing their "prize" and sometimes swiping at thin air. Twitch really is great fun.
The best thing about this toy is that it can also play with your cat while you are gone! Just set it to run an automated play session, and it will automatically play with your cat at various times throughout the day. And your cat will know it's playtime because Twitch will sound a "beep" to call your cat every time it's ready to play.
Our product testers love it but more importantly, we think your cat will love it too..

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