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Best 7 cat toys

My colleague Dr. Debra- Director of Product Research for - knows all about looking for the perfect item. She and her team test thousands of pet products a year looking for the very best ones to carry in the store.

Because Dr. Debra and her staff are highly trained in animal behavior, they know what toys will be the best value for the money when it comes to keeping cats happy and healthy. Some of these toys appeal to cats' hunting instincts, and some are delicious treats, but they're all just plain great! I've tried all of them and I really think you'll love them as much as I do.

Sometimes a good cat toy is hard to find, but I would like to make it a bit easier. Based on her testing, Dr. Debra has identified the
Top Cat Toys. I wanted to share them with you today.

Here is the list:

Yeowww!® Catnip Cigar - This is actually my favorite catnip toy for cats. The quality of this 100% organic catnip is very high, so it drives cats crazy. It's the freshest, most potent catnip you can buy.
2. Neko Flies - This high quality wand toy has 5 different attachment toys that you can mix and match - and each one looks and moves like the real thing! This is the best wand toy we've ever seen. Choose from a variety of bugs, creepy crawlies and furry critters with movements so real your cat will think he's chasing the real thing.

3. Pawbreakers- This all-natural catnip toy is sure to drive your playful kitty absolutely bonkers! Pawbreakers is a solid ball of top quality catnip combined with a human food-grade binding agent to make a tasty toy that your cat can chase and eat with almost no mess! One of Dr. Debra's staff says: "This is one of the greatest cat treats out there. Not only do cats love it, but it's totally safe and there's just nothing else like it (and believe me, I've seen a lot of cat toys!)"
4. Twitch - The Twitch is a battery-operated toy that bounces and swings a toy for your cat to chase. It has an automatic timer, so it can play with your cat when you can't. You can set up a timed play session for your cat while you're away or set Twitch to run multiple 10-minute play sessions throughout the day. Twitch has a suction cup that attaches to any smooth flat surface. 5. Bolt Laser Toy - Cats love to chase things and the Bolt Laser Toy is especially fun to chase. It's all the fun of a laser pointer with an added element of surprise. It has an "automatic mode" that runs a 15-minute laser play session for your cat, and then it shuts itself off. The award winning Bolt Laser Toy is one of our all-time favorite toys. 6. Fling-ama-String- This has been one of our MOST popular cat gifts for the past few years, and it is still going strong. This award-winning battery-operated cat toy easily attaches to a doorknob. The constant motion "flings" out a string, and then pulls it back in, over and over again. Designed by cat lovers, Fling-ama-String has gained a reputation for encouraging even the laziest cats to get moving. It's a blast!7. Undercover Mouse- The Undercover Mouse is one of our favorite cat toys. It's just like "The Finger Game." Your cat will love watching the mouse's tail moving randomly back and forth underneath the fabric. It appeals to your cat's natural hunting instinct, so he can't help but chase after the mouse. (Pet Product Advisor donated these to a local kitty shelter and the cats were so excited they formed lines to play with it!)Until next time,

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