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Dogs love toys with squeakers!

A dog going after a toy with squeakers is really a sight to see. You can really watch them act like tiny wolves when they get excited! So, what is it about a squeaky toy that dogs find so appealing?
The excitement your dog feels when he plays with a squeaky toy is instinctual - it goes back to a time when dogs had to hunt and kill prey to survive. Hunting is just a natural part of being a dog. The squeaky noises of prey animals would help dogs locate their prey - and the noises the prey animals made during the kill were very satisfying to a hungry dog.
"Hunting" a squeaky toy gives your dog the same type of satisfaction. And the more the toys squeaks, the more excited your dog becomes. That's why so many dogs will try to "kill" the toy by destroying it and pulling out the squeaker.
A good squeaky toy can provide lots of fun play and mental stimulation for your dog. They're excellent toys. But when you purchase a squeaky toy for your dog, make sure to put safety first.
Make sure the toy does not have a lot of pieces that can be chewed off and swallowed. A determined dog is unstoppable-they can disassemble a toy in minutes. Look for features (eyes, nose, etc.) that are embroidered onto the toy, not attached. Also, once your dog chews through the toy, he could swallow the squeaker or the fiberfill stuffing inside. This can be very dangerous. That's why it is so important to supervise your dog's play. A good rule of thumb is if a toy looks unsafe for a small child, it's probably not safe for your dog.
Recently I found a great new squeaky toy that I just loved. It's really great for interactive play and the squeakers are just phenomenal. It is called the Invincible Geckoand it comes in two fun sizes. This cute toy has sewn-on features and there is no stuffing inside. Instead, the toy's entire body is made up of squeakers - 2 squeakers in the small toy and 4 squeakers in the large toy. These oversized squeakers are different from anything you've seen before. Unlike regular squeakers, they are too big for your dog to swallow. And they have a cool new technology that makes them keep on squeaking even after they are punctured. (You can actually put a knife through them again and again and they will still work! I know someone who has spent months trying to break the squeakers and she just can't do it.) So when your dog punctures the squeakers with his teeth, the toy will keep on squeaking. (And you dog will keep on playing!)
The Invincible Geckois very interactive. In addition to the "invincible" squeakers inside, it also has a fun rattle in the tail. Dogs just love all of these noises and it keeps them very engaged! This is a fun toy that I recommend for all dogs. And you'll love it too because it will save you money. The squeakers in this toy will really last and you won't have to buy new squeaky toys so often.

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