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Articles on Cats

What to do about Hair Balls in Cats?

Nail Covers for Cats

Nail Covers for Cats

Nail covers are plastic nail caps that can be super-glued to a cat's claws following a preliminary nail trim.
Nail covers are an alternative to declawing.
The results are often spectacular, with damage to furniture practically non-existent while the nail caps remain in place. They need to be replaced on a monthly basis.


Here is real advice on what you can do at home for some very common cat problems.

Get a lot of questions from well-intentioned pet owners asking what kinds of care they can provide at home. This is usually because many owners are concerned about the monetary costs associated with a trip to the vet. Because these requests are so common, I asked Dr. Debra to create a series of articles about what you can and can't do at home when your pet has a problem. As you may know, veterinarians can't prescribe or recommend treatment without having a client-patient relationship.

Things that happen in Spring!

This is one really common problem that us vets see every single spring..and it's already started. You open your windows to let in the spring air and your pets cozy up to the window to catch a deep breath. Just a couple of wiggles and pushes and BOOM...the screen has fallen out and your beloved pet has escaped (or worse).

Here is an example of a cat named B.C. (or "Big Chicken"). His owner opened the windows on a nice spring day. B.C. LOVES the fresh air. He leaned right up against them and was out before his owner even realized what had happened.

Feline Vegetarians

Feline Vegetarians
Be wary of vegetarian cat food diets that claim to be healthy. Even if a cat seems to be doing fine on such a diet, there is no way of knowing what the long-term health effects are.

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My Cat Hates My Baby!

Cats and babies together have a long history. You've probably heard people say that cats can steal a baby's breath (not true!) or that they can become an infant's best friend. There are lots of YouTube videos showing cats and babies playing together and getting along just fine. We love watching them because what could be cuter than cats and babies in one place? In reality though, getting your cat and your child to get along isn't as simple as you might think.
Often, cats do not like or get along with babies.

Cat lovers often wonder if cats dream.

Readers send me lots of questions, and I get this one a lot. Cat lovers often wonder if cats dream.
Well - that is an excellent question. I've wondered the same thing myself.
To answer this I asked my good friend and wonderful behaviorist Dr. Nicholas Dodman to write an article on just that topic. With years of experience studying animal behavior, he has the answer:read it here
Cats are mammals, like us, and they need sleep to rest their minds and bodies.
While we're on the subject of sleeping: where does your cat sleep?

Could Your Cat Have A Secret Nervous Habit?

By now many of us are aware that our pets can suffer from separation anxiety when we leave them alone. It can be heartbreaking for us to walk out the door and leave their sad little faces behind - and many times, it makes us feel guilty.
It's usually obvious when dogs are suffering from separation anxiety because they become destructive when they're alone. But cats are rarely as easy to interpret as dogs are. Their behaviors are a bit more complex which could cause them to suffer secretly.

Does your cat have allergies?

Spring is coming. For some it was a tough winter and we welcome the spring (even more than usual). Have you started to get ready for it?

Spring is the time of year when many people and pets start venturing outside and soaking in all the sun. Unfortunately, it's also the time when pollen and other irritating things get in the air., so those people and pets also get seasonal allergies.

Does your cat have allergies? Take our poll. Go to:

What are signs of allergies?

Fighting Fleas in Kittens

Fighting Fleas in Kittens
Finding fleas on kittens too young to spray? Don’t forget chemical-free methods of flea removal such as using a flea comb to scoop up the fleas or trapping them with cellophane tape.

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